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One Pharmacist’s View

Happy New Year

Seems simple enough. For those old enough to remember the New Year following 1999 was a lot more hectic. Lots of folk, thinking that 1999 would last forever forgot to program the year 2,000 into the new gadgets, computers and all that. Warnings were put out that everything dependent on computers would go haywire at midnight. Computers on jetliners (guided by computers) would either crash or just go crazy and fly away to a never-land somewhere. Radio and TV stations might be knocked off the air. Electric plants would shut down and in general, it was going to be a mess. And no one was able to convince everyone that it wouldn’t happen. On December 31, 1999 many people went to bed (or not) wondering what would happen.

Not me. I stayed up and somewhat to my surprise and/or disappointment the world just clicked on like nothing happened. My old computer just kept on working. The digital clocks on my stove carried on and my central heat just kept on making heat. I didn’t hear any cries in the woods from mangled airline passengers needing to be helped out of the wreckage as I breathed a sigh of relief and went on to bed without further celebration.

I know of nothing going wrong this year. Looks like we’re free and clear just like we are every new year. Life goes on. People getting born and people dying right on schedule. The old year was pretty good to my family. We are all OK and looking forward to the new year to see what it brings. Allenites can look forward to basketball season next fall and getting to bounce the ball in our new and impressive gym now under construction. Many of our school kids will be attending school in new classrooms with new fixtures. Of course we look forward to seeing more new students in 2019 as we welcome new people moving into the community and school district.

The New Year is a time of hope and high anticipation. People make budgets, resolutions to improve their lives and hope for a better life that the new year might bring to them. Many of us live in hope that fate might step into our lives and some how we will get rich. Win the lottery? Inherit some money from a yet unknown rich relative? Or just come into better times through some imaginary hazy daydream? Well, not too likely. It’s nice to have a dream but just be advised not many win the lottery, and most of us have no rich kin--just our dreams.

My grandpa told me of something he did in his younger life. He saw an ad in the newspaper which said “Send us 10 cents and we’ll tell you something that will save you a lot of money throughout your life.” He clipped the ad, took his dime and mailed it in. In time he got a note in response which stated “You have learned a life lesson today. You never get something for nothing.” My grandpa liked to retell this story and did. Life comes to us with a mixture. I hope the new year is good for you and the mix is always in your favor.

Be sure and go to church Sunday and Happy New Year to everyone.

Wayne Bullard, DPh