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Coalgate Police Citations

The following citations were issued by the Coalgate Police Department from August 3 through August 9:

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Coalgate Police Report

Dallas men arrested on drug charges

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Coal County Sheriff’s Report

Coalgate man charged with bringing marijuana into jail

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Country Comments

Banning the Redskins Just the beginning?

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Riley Townsend 94 years young and still going strong!

RILEY TOWNSEND CELEBRATES 94 BIRTHDAY! Riley Townsend (seated) celebrated his 94 birthday on August 9 at his home in Lehigh with his family. Seated beside Riley is his sister, Mary Lou Cooper. In the background (not in order listed) - Landen Wright; Cassie and Russ Halford; Bobby (son); Candy and Terry (son); Gary (son); Kevin, Karen (daughter); Lori, Cheryl, Wayne Cooper. One son, Don Townsend, was unable to attend the celebration. Also present but not pictured – Letitia Townsend.

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COVID-19 update

The Oklahoma State Department of Health reported on Tuesday, August 4, that Coal County has had 31 total cases of COVID-19, with 23 of those cases recovered. According to those numbers, Coal County currently has eight active cases. Coal County has had zero deaths due to the virus.

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