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Coalgate FCCLA students lead efforts in ending teen distracted driving

“I took the Oklahoma Challenge and I Promise Not to Text and Drive! I promise to wear my seatbelt and I promise not to ride with a distracted driver!”

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The Power of God

Dear Editor:

The power of God is easily seen in His creation every where we look. It is in ourselves and all around us. His spirit is in every one of us who are alive. We are the product of the great Designer and Creator, God.

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Christmas Traditions

A quick question: What kind of music do you listen to the week before Christmas? Wrap music.

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Putting cash in the mail

—Issued by the Federal Trade Commission

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E.E. Emerson Hoop Shoot Winners Announced

During the week of October 29 through November 02, 2018, the Coalgate Public Schools participated in the Elks Lodge Free Throw “Hoop Shoot” Contest. A total of 72 students participated (37 boys and 35 girls).

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Those attending the Tupelo reunion were....

Former Teacher 

Vaden Morgan - taught from 1971 - 1980

Bonnadeen Mayes Freeze (1950) and Bonnie Knight Flowers (1958)

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Those attending the Tupelo reunion were....

Randy Lovell

Margaret Angel Johnston and Nancy Bullard Smith

Steve Breed (1958) and Elaine Breed

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